Electrical Services

Our management and field personnel have extensive design experience in many areas of electrical construction. Our design approach utilizes our construction experience as a base while keeping the specific physical installation and aesthetics in mind.

Medium Voltage Distribution

Our electricians understand the importance of proper handling, installing, and connecting of medium voltage cable and equipment to prevent problems commonly attributed to improper installation.

Instrumentation Services

Our capabilities span control systems from a single PLC or logic control with remote alarms to networked Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or industrial Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Emergency Power Systems

We provide installation services to many facilities requiring uninterrupted, protected, and regulated electrical services, and spans all areas of emergency power from generation to protection of individual equipment.

Our Unique Approach

T. Morales Company is an electrical/ instrumentation contractor that provides a variety of services to a broad customer base.

With corporate headquarters located in Florence Texas, T. Morales Company experience in a wide variety of project types has provided us the ability to solve most customer applications.

We work with our customers to provide the best solution to meet the customers specific needs and style. Our customer base is primarily made up of companies in the industrial, water & wastewater treatment markets.

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